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Family Owned and Operated Since 1972

Family owned and operated since 1972, offering Mexican food in a casual setting.

Our parents owned and operated Villa Azteca Mexican restaurant from 1972 – 1985.   Working in every aspect of the restaurant operations, my brothers and I were ready to run our own restaurants.  In 1983, we opened Villa Corona in the Napa location, and then expanded to Vacaville, California with two Villa Corona restaurants and a catering company.  It wasn’t long before we opened another Villa Corona restaurant in the quaint town of St. Helena, California.

Selections includes some of Mexico’s most popular and savory dishes, full of rich flavorful sauces, fresh ingredients and a homemade touch.

Our menus vary by location. Select the location below to view the current menu:

Proudly serving Vacaville, Sonoma and
the Napa Valley for over 25 years.

Familia Villaseñor Corona

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FANTASTIC FOOD Visited this restaurant for the first time this week & thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Food was fantastic. Great prices & the outside patio was perfect. Definitely would recommend this restaurant.
GOOD FOOD AND KEENLY AWARE OF GLUTEN FREE! Very friendly and helpful waitress. She was very knowledgeable about GLUTEN and double checked the ingredients. All the food was very fresh. Refried beans are gluten free as is the green sauce ( I had chicken enchiladas. I'll be back!
GREAT PLACE TO EAT! Today our family met in Vacaville at the Nut Tree area off Highway 80. Villa Corona Cocina Mexicana is one of those family owned and operated restaurants that you look forward to going to with your family. They have been there since 1972 greeting wayward strangers traveling up and down the Hwy 80 corridor between Sacramento and San Francisco. This is not our first time there but my first opportunity to review it. As usual, someone in the group will order a bunch of various styles of food plates ranging from different types of tacos to cheese and meat nachos platters, at least one super burritos, and such for everyone to share. This makes for "the best combo plates" almost like a Mexican Food buffet right at your ringer tips. What is there not to like about the place??!! And if this was not enough to get your attention, check out the Nut Tree Plaza complete with circus carousel.
Bill D., Switzerland
BEST CARNITAS IN TOWN! Villa Corona isn't fancy, but it's clean, friendly, and their food is always delicious. It's great for lunch or a casual dinner with friends. The assortment of unique hanging paper mache sculptures make the atmosphere pleasant and fun. Great burritos too!
LOVE THIS PLACE! I ordered a lot of food for a meeting of 12-15 people and everything was just great. Good flavor, gluten free tortillas, fresh salsa, delicious meats. Family owned which I like to support.

Dine at the Nut Tree
Hours 11am - 8pm

Dine in Vacaville
Hours 10am - 8pm

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